Some people put little thought into what they wear, and some people labour heavily over their outfit for an evening. For me, it took over 50 years to appear in public as myself.

My name is Julia Clement, and I am a transgender woman, stand-up comedian and computer software developer. 50 Years Before The Frock is my true story. It is a one woman show about the 53 years between my first questioning of my gender identity in 1962 and the first time I stepped on a comedy stage as myself, Julia, in 2015 and performed.

The show has laughs, but is not comedy. Every fact I give is literally true & many of the stories that can’t be made funny are told. I even tell the true story of how I once fell off my garden and landed in a tree.

At the initial run I was told that I was very brave telling many of these stories. I don’t see it this way, without telling the sad stories my eventual triumph makes little sense. Come along and judge for yourself.